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No-scalpel vasectomy with no-needle anesthesia by Colorado’s leading vasectomy provider. Locations in Boulder, Glenwood Springs and Grand Junction.

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Dr. Tonozzi with Go Vasectomy

Chris Tonozzi, MD

Dr. Tonozzi has 25 years of experience doing vasectomies and specializes in no-scalpel vasectomy. 

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Go Hassle free

Simple on-line sign-up process. Communication can be by phone, text or email. Most communication is directly with Dr. Tonozzi

Go State of the art

No-scalpel vasectomy and no-needle anesthesia minimize pain, complications, and time off recreation or work. Plan 1-2 days without strenuous activity, then you can get back to it.

Go Experienced

Dr. Tonozzi has done thousands of vasectomies in his 25 year career and is currently doing 30-40 per month, more than any doctor in Colorado.

Go Affordable

Shop around to see that Go Vasectomy has the best pricing around. We give you the pricing up front. No surprises.

Go Convenient

Our vasectomy appointments are on Fridays and Saturdays so you'll be able to minimize time off work. Our pre-procedure consultations are done via telehealth so there is no need to leave your living room.

Go Wild!

Enjoy worry-free sex. Vasectomy is the most reliable form of birth control available today.

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Go Vasectomy Has 3 Convenient Locations Throughout Colorado


350 Broadway, Suite 101, Boulder, CO 80305

Glenwood Springs

at Glenwood Medical Associates 1830 Blake Ave Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

Grand Junction

235 N 7th St, Grand Junction, CO 81501


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