Preparation for your Vasectomy

  • Don’t use aspirin during the week prior to your vasectomy. It may thin your blood slightly and contribute to bleeding. It is OK to use acetaminophen (Tylenol)
  • Watch the pre-procedure video if you haven’t yet, or if it’s been some time since you first watched it. 
  • Please arrive 15 minutes in advance so we can take care of the payment. You can pay by credit card (including an HSA card) or cash. Need a reminder about the total amount? See “Pricing” and “Insurance” HERE.  You’ve already paid $120 of this as your deposit. 
  • Shave (or another hair removal method) 2-3 days before the procedure. More information HERE. In short:
    • Trim long hair with a clipper or scissors
    • While in the shower (after having had warm water running for several minutes), apply shave cream or gel
    •  Use a new razor to shave the entire area from the penis down. To get a smooth shave, stretch the skin slightly taught
    • Apply a moisturizer after drying
  • If you’re using pre-procedure medication, pick it up now so that we can problem solve if there are pharmacy issues. You’ll need a driver if you’re using this.
  • Wear your compression shorts or support briefs to the appointment. If you need them soon, Walmart carries compression shorts and they are in the gym aisle (with weights, basketballs, etc.). If you have time to order them online, these are a recommended pair of support briefs: Support Briefs.
  • Place a chemical hand-warmer in your compression shorts next to the scrotum (ball sack) one hour prior to the appointment and keep it there until you are in the appointment with Dr. Tonozzi. This helps the scrotum relax so the procedure is more comfortable for you, and easier for the doctor.
  • Shower before you come to the appointment
  • If you are planning to submit the expense to your insurance for reimbursement or so that it is applied to your deductible, call your insurance in advance. Use the information available HERE (under Insurance) when you talk to insurance.

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