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With over 25 years of experience doing no scalpel vasectomies, Dr. Tonozzi is an experienced medical doctor who has been performing vasectomies for his Colorado patients since 1994. Dr. Tonozzi received his medical degree in 1991 from the University Of Colorado School Of Medicine, finished his specialty training in family medicine in 1994 and has founded health clinics throughout Colorado.

What You Can Expect From Us

Hassle Free Guarantee

Simple and straightforward appointment booking process. Easy to understand instructions for pre- and post-vasectomy care. Effortless communication with Dr. Tonozzi via text, phone or email.

Modern Technology

Our vasectomy procedures are performed with the best technology available, including no scalpel vasectomy with no-needle anesthesia to reduce pain and avoid complications.

Best In Colorado

With the highest review ratings for vasectomy doctors in Colorado, Dr. Tonozzi is your best choice for high success rate, low pain vasectomies. 25+ years of experience at your service!

Low Cost, High Quality

At Go Vasectomy, our pricing is affordable and our service is best in class. At only $885 for a vasectomy, you can be sure you’re getting the best price AND the best service available.

We Fit Your Schedule

Our appointments are on Fridays and Saturdays so you don’t need to miss work and can relax over the weekend. Pre-appointment consultations are over the phone for your convenience.

Time For Fun!

After your vasectomy, you can enjoy your sex life even more, knowing that you have the most reliable form of birth control available and that it was performed by the best doctor in the business.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our vasectomy procedures are very affordable at $885. Your insurance may reimburse all or part of this.

Vasectomies are the most reliable form of birth control available today. The success rate with the type of no-scalpel vasectomy that we perform is over 99.9%. You can be sure that your little swimmers aren’t getting out so you can have worry free sex for the rest of your life.

Vasectomies are reversible, however each case is different. The procedure to reverse the vasectomy is expensive and is not always successful. If you are not sure about wanting kids in the future, your best bet is to have your sperm frozen and stored for future use.

Our process involves making one small opening in the scrotum, pulling out each vas deferens (one at a time) and cutting it.  We cauterize one end of the vas which seals off the upper end.  We place a suture to cover the cauterized end making it nearly impossible for the tubes to grow back together. The lower end of the vas is left open to decrease the chance of post vasectomy pain caused by a buildup of sperm in the vas deferens. Your sperm will then flow into the scrotum for a short period of time and will dissolve. Sperm continue to be produced by the testicles after a vasectomy, but they are recycled within the testicle.

There are risks with vasectomy as explained below, but these are greatly reduced by having a doctor who is doing many vasectomies every month. The risks include:

  • Post-vasectomy pain syndrome: this is aching pain in the scrotum that can last for several months. This is rare. We lessen the risk of this by using a technique which leaves the lower end of the vas deferens open, thereby preventing pressure build up in vas deferens. This does not increase the chance of failure of the vasectomy.
  • Swelling in the scrotum: this happens to one in 50 men after vasectomy. It is generally caused by bleeding within the scrotum. No-scalpel vasectomy by an experienced provider minimizes the risk.
  • Infection: this is rare.
  • Failure of the vasectomy: with the technique for separating the vas that we use, the risk of the tubes growing back together later in life is extremely low at one in 3000.

You can resume sex as soon as you are pain free, which is within 2-3 days following vasectomy for most men. You should continue to use birth control until you have completed semen analyses that have low sperm count results. Low sperm count means the sperm count is so low that it is extremely unlikely that any sperm left could get someone pregnant. These sperm tests can be purchased online for $65 for 2 tests.

Most men say that their pain is 1-2 on a 0-10 pain scale the day after vasectomy. Some men continue to have some discomfort or sensitivity for several days to a week.

Healing time varies for each patient, but you can expect to be back to normal life and doing whatever you like within 2-3 days. The skin opening closes within 2 days. You may have some sensitivity in the area for up to a couple of weeks.

We don’t do vasectomies on men under the age of 21, but other than that, you are free to get a vasectomy at any age.

No, vasectomies only affect the ability of your sperm to reach your urethra. Your sex drive, erectile performance, ejaculation and feeling in your penis will not change. Some patients have an increase their sex drive or performance because there is no anxiety related to getting their partner pregnant.

No, vasectomies do not affect your ability to produce semen, it just eliminates the ability for the sperm to reach your urethra which ensures no sperm can get outside of your body. You will still ejaculate as normal after a vasectomy, there just won’t be any sperm in your ejaculate.

There are few medical conditions that will prevent a vasectomy from being done. If you have had surgery in the scrotum (like surgery to lower a testicle), an abnormality of the scrotum (like a varicocele–veins around the testicle or hydrocele–fluid around the testicle), these will be reasons for further discussion with our doctor. If you have diabetes, it is important to have that in good control prior to vasectomy.

Some insurance policies will cover the cost of a vasectomy, but each policy is different, so make sure to check with your health insurance provider and see if your policy covers the cost of the vasectomy. We request payment at the time of the procedure and then we will submit the insurance claim (if we are in-network with your insurance) or give you the documentation to present to your insurance company (if we are out of network) so that they can reimburse you if your policy covers it.

It is important to do a test on your semen after the vasectomy to be sure all sperm have been cleared from the vas deferens. We recommend a mail-in test done at 8 weeks. We will offer to order the lab when you come in for your vasectomy, and you’ll automatically receive a test kit in the mail 8 weeks following the procedure.  


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