Pricing for a Vasectomy

Total Price: Our total charge for vasectomy is $885. We do not normally have a visit following the procedure in order to do the semen analysis. Instead, we recommend a lab that will do the testing using a mail-in kit for $59 (we’ll give you details at the time of the procedure). If you wish to have a consultation prior to the vasectomy, the cost is $120. 

Deposit: There is a deposit of $120 payable at the time you make an appointment for a vasectomy or a consultation. For a vasectomy, you may cancel or reschedule until 1 week prior to the appointment, but this is non-refundable if you cancel or reschedule within 1 week of the appointment. You may cancel or reschedule a consultation until 24 hours prior to the appointment, but after this, it is non-refundable.

Trailheads clinic members receive a discounted total price of $795 for the vasectomy. We will verify your membership at the time of the procedure. 

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