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We encourage you to watch Dr. Tonozzi’s video below prior to making your appointment. It covers the information you would usually hear if you had a consultation with a doctor prior to your vasectomy.

You’ll complete a brief form that asks for your contact, medical  and insurance information. You’ll need the following handy:

  • Driver’s license or ID
  • Medical information (like medication names and allergies)
  • Insurance card if you have an “in network” insurance (UHC, UMR, RMHP. See here if you’re not sure)

When you schedule, you’ll put down a $220 deposit. This deposit is refundable if you cancel or reschedule 1 week prior to a vasectomy appointment.

CONSULTATION IS REQUIRED (for legal reasons) only if you feel you need a relaxer medication prescribed, otherwise it is optional. Consultation costs $120. This is IN ADDITION to the vasectomy.  This is refundable if you cancel or reschedule 1 day or more prior to your consultation. If you have a consultation, you’ll schedule your vasectomy at the time of the consultation.  

Hear about it from the Doc

In this video, Dr. Tonozzi, your doctor for Go Vasectomy, gives you the information you need if you are considering vasectomy. This is what you’d hear if you went to the doctor for a vasectomy “consultation.”  So, for most guys, consultation isn’t necessary with Go Vasectomy.

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